Interior Designer

Trained at the Inchbald, London

The composition of light and colour in a space is the starting point to my designs. Inspired by the playfulness of nature and assembled to enhance the representation of a brand or the personality of an individual. In my opinion orchestrating that first, all important feeling of a space is paramount in order to successfully enhance a brand, whether it is a bar, restaurant or bookshop. The correct finishes and composition of the interiors have to represent quality and the product the space is promoting.

I Love what I do, especially the connection to my clients. I adore discovering the many facets of the personality and drawing it together to create an interior that personifies all their greatest attributes. Whilst growing up, I spent a lot of my time between Cornwall and the Cape of South Africa and I draw my inspiration from my great love of nature. I take snapshots in my mind of an animal print or array of huge palms, silhouetted against the blue of the sky, hippos in a bed of Nile weed and think about the fabric I could create with it and use of colours I can incorporate together in an interior.

The palette of nature is the graceful and unspoken proof that infinite tones of colour, textures, angles and symmetries work side by side in forming beautiful serenity.

It is my belief that on entering a room one must feel uplifted and a sense of calm. To me walking into a room of off whites, greys and taupes is calm but doesn’t inspire, lift or fuel one’s soul. Colour subconsciously ignites the inside, feelings of happiness and excitement. A room must feel calm and neutrals are used to ensure that, but really go for it and put vitality and life into your interior through colours, fabulous textiles, textures and pieces that tell a story of their own.

Having lived and worked in England, South Africa and Hong Kong, I feel has given me a plethora of strands of inspiration in varying depths of design and experience. My office is based in Chelsea, West London.

I very much look forward to working with you.