Design by Nature

Design by Nature Behind the scenesSarah Fortescue

I am delighted to be seeing more colour in the world currently. The tropical vibe continues and with it, other influences shining through to create something a little more interesting and unique than just the jungle palm alone. The combination of culture, the colours of nature, nature itself and the use of vivid colour, blend, to form the most sensational fabric designs.

It goes without saying that vivid colour ignites the senses and can play an integral role to our well being. It can calm, invigorate, and spark one’s energy. Colour needs to be be used harmoniously in an interior space, in order to ignite our senses and ignite, what is in need of a little more fire within us. Similar to diet, the more colourful food you put in, the greater the nutritional result shining out.

Writing that reminds me of Roald Dahl's pearly words of wisdom:

...if you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.
— Roald Dahl

Our world moves at such a rapid pace...sometimes I can not keep up on the speed at which we all move, communicate, and the ever reducing time in which there is to do, what we need to do. With regards to this we need an outlet, and the best remedy? To surround yourself with nature - the energy it resonates, the palette of colour it radiates and the purer oxygen to fill your most precious lungs.

A combination of nature’s forces, enhance our mental state once we have been saturated with it. So in order to conserve natures tonic, perhaps it is essential to cocoon ourselves in it? By drawing nature into our interiors we are drawing in nature’s restorative forces, through the use of fabric design and vivid colour.

The highlight of my week was presenting to a client who announced to me that she loves vivid colour. I almost couldn’t resist leaping over to where she calmly sat, and wrapping my arms around her. Reluctantly I refrained, but that was music to my ears.  Through almost a decade of experience I have had to reign in my designs, submitting a slightly more restrained look to my clients. Are we reaching tipping point of greige within interiors and colour is soon to let rip do you think?

It is so important to me to create exciting interior spaces, whether your own home or the face of your business brand. On entering a room, you should feel something. Be it, intrigue for the room surrounding you and the individual and unique pieces it contains, the way it makes you feel and what it conjures up from within. Ultimately the harmony of vivid colour and the beauty of the designs synchronicity can have centering qualities.

Go and see the exhibition,  Fashioned from Nature at the V&A (on until 27th January 2019). It is a fascinating insight into how nature has been used by the fashion industry and how perhaps we should turn to fabric perhaps made out of plastic bottles. I bought a vivid red hot pant onesie 3 or so years ago from design brand, Lalesso, made of plastic bottles and it is still rocking the dance floors to this day.

There are so many factors affecting the way we live  - mental illness and technology do seem to go hand in hand and both get me thinking, how can my interior design work be something of a removal from the mania, or a fuel to our internal systems? How can I help just a little? My solution: go to nature, breath in, but exhale for far longer. This we can not do every day, living in huge cities and being at a desk, so look to where the heart is, at home, your sanctuary and draw the sense of nature into your own world.

If you return to your peaceful sanctuary, with refreshing greens of jungle palms or English oaks in summer with ivory white walls, you will feel invigorated.  A deeper azure of the ocean on the walls of a room where not so much natural light filters in with vibrant and exciting lamps throughout the room, and colourful scatter cushions, you will feel warm and juicy. If tons of natural light is filtering into the interior try a calming sky blue that can cool an interior space, that can be instantly warmed with fuscia to scarlett tones on the sofa, armchair and drapery fabrics. The colours of the design scheme blend together creating the most harmonious and restorative of spaces.

Where to begin? With our fabric range, we are launching at Decorex 2018 (Stand E20). Our fabric designs resonate the harmony and vitality of nature, its serenity and elegance, its’ style and chaotic beauty and the calming effects a room, so beautifully designed with these fabrics can have on you. Much like walking into nature, nature walks into your home and completes you.

We would adore to hear from you so do get in touch with us, at our London-based design studio in Chelsea. Keep following my blog as I will be writing on sprucing up your interior with just some simple cushions soon.