5 Exciting ways to use and design cushions in your interior

5 Exciting ways to use and design cushions in your interior Home Accessory TipsSarah FortescueComment

The one fabulous things about cushions is that they can bring a room to life in seconds. They might be small, but they can be a really significant detail of a room. Last week at a clients pool house we placed an array of our scatter cushions on a beautiful sofa looking out to the pool. The result? A soft white room where colour popped to life in moments. Read on for some tips on how you can use cushions in your own interiors to bring it all together, we have a fantastic range of cushions for you to choose from to get you started.

Here are some useful ways in which to use your cushions:

1) Design is in the detail

Always go for a wacky braid or contrast velvet piping on your cushions. When I was doing interior design in Hong Kong I used to spend hours in the district Sham Shui Po, in order to load up my bags with braids ranging from bobbles to toggles, to beads and fringes. The piping or edgings of a cushions can give you an instant contemporary or traditional feel.

Also, if budget is tight a contrast velvet piping can make the design of the cushions pop, like our Leopard print scatter cushion with fuscua pink velvet piping:

And of course, you can find the original with green velvet piping here:

Blue & White Leopard Cushion
45.00 85.00

Draw in a little African magic to you interior with this deep blue leopard print, piped in the most beautiful emerald green velvet.

Square - 50cm x 50cm

Rectangle - 60cm x 40 cm

Lead time: 2 weeks

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2) Mix up the shapes and sizes

I have never been one for doing small cushions. I think large and voluptuous is beautiful so would chose a variety of shapes and sizes... 50cm squares, mixed with 60 cm squares and some rectangular cushions. Once you have brought 2m of fabric it is worth making use of all the fabric you have.

A range of our cushions as shown below on a sofa details this out beautifully:

3) Window seats 

I have a thing about creating different areas around a room where you can wrap yourself up on a winter’s day, fire roaring and rain splattering the windows from outside, or when you want to have a little secret conversation with a girl friend about shopping which you know the boys do not wish to hear! Fill the window ledge with a deep (I always will make them 120cm minimum), sumptuous cushion. This beauty completed my beautiful window scene exquisitely. I found the fabric when in Cape Town back in March - it is by the beauteous designer Bellamy & Bellamy.

4) Scatter Cushions with velvet backs.

We can all be spellbound by the cost of fabric, however I always equate it to what you might spend on going out for dinner one evening. Sometimes, hold back on a sweet memory at a fine restaurant and invest in the magical abundance of your home and therefore, the happiness that you will feel each time you look at the cushions. A genius way or cutting down on a fabric you just need to have, is to use it only on the face of the scatter cushion in your interior. I used these fabulous american fabrics from Tissus D’helene a couple of months ago and placed blue velvet on the back of the cushions. It’s fun as sometimes if you want to mix it up a little you can turn them around. They also add a stunning relish of texture to the interior design.

5) Big cushions on big chairs.

To add to a contemporary interior, chose a knockout fabric, like the cushion below from Turnell & Gigon and spruce up your peacock chair! Oversized cushions add to the luxury of comfort and the design of your interior.

Now that you've got a better of idea on how cushions can enhance the design of your interiors, it's up to you to go ahead and implement it. Let us know in the comments how you get on, or if you have any ideas of your own that you would add.

Until next time!