African sunsets & Cornish landscapes

Sarah was brought up between Cornwall and South Africa, surrounded by big open spaces and beautiful wildlife. The natural world and cultures of the world have always been the inspiration for her Interior & Product Design.

Living in South Africa and Hong Kong Sarah explored exotic parts of the world where she could source textiles and develop her ideas for her interiors and home accessories. Her sense of colour and how she uses it to create harmonious interior spaces is where the true talent lies.


The Best of Cornish Craftsmanship

We use the world and its cultures as our sourcing pot for inspiration and textile sourcing, but it's here at home in Cornwall where our team of talented craftsman lovingly create our beautiful products. Our sophisticated and eclectic creations are the perfect way to add personality and bursts of colour to your home, through exciting designs and the highest quality craftsmanship.

Sarah’s designs fill me with complete joy. She brings colour and vitality to a room with her bold and expressive embrace of the risqué
— Olivia Reeves, Founder of Kaboola, Brixton